Resume from card

Had a serial port failure error (well usb) over night breaking a long print. Not sure what the issue is, the log only captures the generic error language.
If I load the file to memory card rather then the pi and start the print from octo, dose it remain dependent on octoprint?
For example if I’m printing from the card and the power goes out the printer can resume without issue, but not from octo... just looking for a workaround to no resume :frowning: my poor Beautiful pla...

it depends. normally it is not dependent on the rpi/octo but the power cycle of the octo, or bad usb connection can in some cases reboot the printer board. you can easily test this, just replug the usb and see if the printer board will reboot

octo can't resume as there's no way to know where the printer stopped ... octo sends as much gcode as printer buffer will accept but the "ok" printer return is just that code is in buffer and received properly (checksum checked etc) not that it's printed and even if you would send M400 after each gcode (to wait till buffer is empty) your power outage can happen in the middle of the move so you would still not know the position of the head during power outage.... not that it would help as adding M400 after each gcode would ruin your print and introduce pauses after each move :smiley:

note also, that while some printers do support "power loss recovery" there is generally 2 way to do this. The one used by most PRC made printers is to constantly write to the sd card where you are and after power loss this data is read and you continue printing from there. This system kills sd cards quickly and does more harm than good :frowning: ... but "works". The other system uses electronics with large capacitors and power detection, when a voltage drop is detected the printer is "properly shut down" and the position is recorded only once when power is loss. This is better way of handling things but very few printers use it (prusa i3 mk3 afaik uses it)

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