Resume printing after power failure


Hi. My raspberry pi suffered a power failure during a 24 hour print job. However, on the printer screen it still says printing and the temperature isn't decreasing. I tried going on octo print and re-connecting to the printer but when it connected it didn't seem to have any resume button or something to carry on the print and it said that nothing is currently printing.

I was wondering if there was any way to resume the print as I was half way through this long print job. For example, if I could figure out which was the last successfully printed layer, would it be possible to tell the octiserve to continue from the next layer? For me, it makes sense to have a partially finished layer in my print than have to throw away what's already been printed.


TFT screens appear to have persistence. If you put something on them and turn off the Raspberry Pi in this case and yet continue to power the TFT, it will continue to show whatever was originally put on it. So ignore that aspect.

Resuming after power fail is kind of a Holy Grail in the printing world. Few printers have this ability but it's been discussed before.

I have manually resumed failed prints and have been successful. In my case, it involves carefully measuring/inspecting what's on the print bed, NOT removing it, toggling off the autoleveling feature of the printer as well as the priming line and finally sending the modified GCODE file for a second attempt.

  • The modified GCODE is basically a version in which the previously-printed layers have been removed. (This is possible because I use Cura's feature for "relative extrusion mode".)
  • It's important that the early GCODE in this second file take into account that you have a part already on the print bed, so the extruder assembly shouldn't come crashing in. In some cases, you might have to insert G0/G1 gcodes so that the assembly comes in high above the part and then begins.

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