Ridiculous long boot time if no internet

using docker with a few containers of octoprint. i have very poor internet and its often completely down for hours or even days. it takes 10-15 minutes to load containers and then another 5-10 mins to connect to the printer if internet is down. this is not an issue with my Debian, it boots in 30 seconds and is online. octoprint just sits there doing nothing, then finally web interface opens and then another long wait for printer connection. with internet, it takes only about 10 seconds to load the container. Seems to make absolutely no difference whether "connectivity check" is enabled or not. what is going on? i need octoprint to function without internet because power outages and frequently needing to reboot, any workarounds?

did you try it in safe mode?
Maybe a plugin is causing this issue.

Could you also upload the octoprint.log, it will show some timestamps and maybe it will help to pinpoint the slow things in startup.

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@Charlie_Powell Unchecking "Enable plugin blacklist processing on startup" and disabling Connectivity check speeds up the boot. i wish there was a way to disable updates, having 12 octoprint sessions all checking for updates at the same time can mess up my prints due to resource overload. i dont see a way to completely disable updating.