Right after I hit print on octopi it says cancle

Octopi is running fine but right when I hit print it says cancle any ideas how to fix this?

Sorry, no ideas - because we do not know nothing about your setup.

There was a template when you opened this thread.
It asked for some information that can help us to help you.

Sorry I have not used octopi in years
octoprint.log (563.3 KB)

plugin_pluginmanager_console.log (228.5 KB)

my setup is a Raspberry PI 400
with a ender 3 Pro thats is it very basic Thank you

Part of the template that existed when you opened this thread asked if you tried it in safe mode too.

Your prints are being cancelled by the OctoLapse plugin, you probably need to check it's configuration is correct.

Thank you for your help I delete the plugin.

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