RLC-820A on a shared intranet with raspberry

Can ip camera be used for both octoprint and surveillance? Want to use a QNAP, qnap can also run octoprint in a docker station i recon, but i want to place the 3d printer in another room, will need to get a raspberry if its possible.

Camera model


will it work ?

I hoped to have both devices (Qnap & raspberry) being able to tap on on this ip camera, so i can adjust angle to use it for surveillance, watch birds and stuff.

What did you already try to solve it?

Bought it a limited offer

Which streams does it support? (protocol / format)

H.265 it shows, more specs in the URL IF allowed ; https://home-cdn.reolink.us/files/docs/specs/RLC-820A-IP-Camera-Specifications.pdf?v=1694576872700

seems like it's an rtsp stream so you need to convert it.
You could for example try GitHub - eroji/rtsp2mjpg: RTSP to MJPEG stream conversion using FFmpeg and FFserver

You can do that either on the pi (but have an eye on the cpu load) or on the qnap if it got all required dependencies.

Thanks for the answer,

Would i need a specific raspberry to be able to do such?

To be honest I can't tell you how much compute that needs.
But your cam got the option for a second lower resolution stream in case the main stream is too demanding.
I would recommend at least a Pi 3+ because of that.

The other option would be of course to run it on your qnap. Does it have docker support? If yes you could just use the rtsp2mjpeg container.
That would be pretty straight forward.

Thanks for the answers.

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