Router connected to a router and then Octoprint

My network is configured like this - Internet cable into a router that sends the signal via cable to another router that provides the wifi in the house.
How do I access the Octoprint from a desktop PC connected by cable to the first router?
If I activate the wifi I can connect only from a wifi laptop.
Would it work if I connect the Pi to the second router by a cable?
Any other options?
Thank you!

you need to put one of the two routers into bridge mode. if they are both running as gateways then you basically have two firewalls running and are doing double NAT.

If you like this setup the way you currently have it (to each their own) you can create a forwarding rule for 80/443 on your #2 router and forward requests to your (assumedly) wireless octoprint instance behind it.

Wired clients on the network hosted by router #1 would access it hitting the WAN ip address of router #2

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