RPi 2 or Pine A64+?

I am about to pick up my first 3D printer and I am thinking of ways to make its use easier. I'm getting the basic Ender 3. I really prefer having a web interface for controlling things and I'm no stranger to Linux. Originally, Octoprint was all I had heard about but I see that there are now other options such as Fluidd and Mainsail. That isn't really my internal debate at the moment, as I do want to see what Octoprint is like. My primary question is what single-board computer should I use. I wish I could just go grab a new RPi 4 but it would be easier for me to pull my own tooth out with pliers than to purchase one at the moment. I have several RPi 4s but they are built into projects that run 24/7 already. I do have two original RPi (2011), a RPi 2 Model B V1.1, and the original "Kickstarter" Pine A64+. I believe the A64+ has a bit more "power" than the RPi 2, but I'm not sure how difficult it would be to run Octoprint on. Any advice between the RPi 2 vs the Pine A64+?

The RPi 2 will be easier to setup because you can install OctoPi which is the complete operating system with OctoPrint (and other related software) already installed.

If you wish to use the A64+, then you will have to install an OS and then install OctoPrint manually. There is an installation guide that should make that process fairly straight forward.

My advice is to go with the RPi 2.

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The tech specs don't seem significantly different between the two. The only obvious benefit I can see of the Pine A64+ is that it has built in wifi.

a potential option for these would be installing the dietpi image on them and then from the dietpi-software command add octoprint and whatever streaming software you want to use. They have a pine a64 specific image ready to go.


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