RPi 4B doesn't work but 3B does

I've had a RPi 3B for years used for something else and wanted an Octoprint server so I got the 4B (2gb). Set it up like everyone prescribes, properly formatted the supplicant file with NP++, hooked it all up and it does not get recognized by my router. I got into my router's settings and the Pi does not show up. (Don't have micro hdmi atm to plug into a monitor)

So on a whim I figured I'd try throwing the SD card into the 3B. Not only did it immediately connect to my router, it also turned on my printer.

Am I a dumb chimp or did I just not stumble across something somewhere stating that the 4B isn't compatible? Do I need to use the 0.18rc instead?

Can you plug it in via ethernet to bypass wifi? Otherwise, yeah, a microhdmi will definitely help.

Given the large, yellow, bold warning at the top of the page, https://octoprint.org/download I would suggest following it's advice:

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I guess that since that doesn't say "4B" but instead says revisions of it, my brain didn't pay the message any mind. So dumb chimp theory proven. Sorry y'all. I'll flash 0.18 tonight and give 'er a try.

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Generally people drop the 'B' from most models, since the B model is what I would consider the 'main' one. And there is currently no Raspberry Pi 4A, only a compute module variant. So I would get used to reading 4 instead of always 4B

But anyway, welcome to this community :slight_smile:

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