RPi Alternative with I/O pins, supported?

What is the problem?

Zero availability of RPi’s.

Is there an alternative that can be used that has I/O pins that OctoPrint will support? I am building an enclosure for my printer and would like to run the fans, heater, lights, etc. from OctoPrint.

I am not sure how this all comes together, but trying to learn. Any suggestions or pointers?

I have searched the oracle (Google) with no luck.

I am new to this so apologies in advance if this is the wrong spot in the forums.

Any help very much appreciated.

The majority of plugins that would handle enclosure related control like that are programmed using the RPi.GPIO library, which of course is not compatible on the alternatives, orange or banana pi for example. Simple on/off control could be handled in that scenario by PSU Control as it utilizes a different GPIO control library. The downside is that it can only control one device. But to answer the question in general, anything that can run Armbian and matches the base specifics of a Pi 3B+ would be a good alternative.

I just got, a few days ago, a voron trident kit that is not all there, box busted all to hell, from ali-express. Parts missing, like all the plastic and the 5 volt supply out of the bottom.The rpi in it is an orange pi 3. And I'm also using a 4 pack of bpi5's quite nicely with octoprint. Some against marlin in the printer, and one against klipper which I'm liking better because of its troubleshooting abilities. So apparently the el-cheapo opi3 is another option. The bpi m5 is an rpi5b with 2 gigs of d-ram and all 4 usb's are usb3's but only one full sized hdmi.. Faster than the rpi4b's if you stay out of swap. The bpi m5'sare all running armbian/xfce4. gnomes screen blanker is a crash-o-matic so be sure and switch to xfce4 at first boot. No radios in the bpi's, more trouble than a hard wired cat5 or 6 cable, so that doesn't bither me a bot.

Take care & stay well.
Cheers, Gene

Thank you, Gene.

Thank you. I sa a Teaching Tech video using a BTT main board and a daughter card. Looking forward to trying this eventually.

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