Rpi cam looks terrible during prints

my rpi camera is mounted on the Z axis of the Ender 3. the cam's cable is 3ft long and bundled together with the extruder and hot end's cable, for a clean look.
strangely, the picture is all static when an actual print is taking place. any idea why?

You've answered the question already:

The picam's ribbon cable isn't insulated from outside interference; the static you see is interference from stepper or heater cables or both. You can either move the ribbon cable so it's not close to those cables anymore or try to insulate it somehow.


ok. i will google on how to insulate. really dont want to move the cable away from the bundle because then it will look really messy

You may have to decide: Either a messy wiring or a messy image.
The webcam cable has to be away from the others because of EMI

I'd like to see how you bundled the ribbon cable with the rest of the cables.

Instead of shielding the ribbon cable (which could probably be done with aluminum foil or this), you could shield the rest of the cables in the bundle using something like [this].(https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/techflex/MBC0.50CP25/5215831)

thank you! your ideas should definitely work