Running cups and octoprint on 1 raspberry pi 3 B+ [SOLVED]


What is the problem?
hi i need help i want to setup cups for my HP P1006 laserjet printer on the octoprint os
with 1 raspberry pi 3 b+
my reason why is because my 3d printer and my laserjet printer are literally right next to each other

so does anyone know how to do it

hey everyone yesterday i got cups working with octoprint and i figured out how to get that plugin for some hp printers installed and have my p1006 working at the same time as my ender 3
will be doing some tutorials on my youtube channel
What did you already try to solve it?

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab, ...) N/A


Probably easiest to start with OctoPi and then follow a tutorial to add Cups to that installation. OctoPi is just Raspbian (Lite), you can install whatever pleases you on it.


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I think I would work up the scenario first where you need to print something to the printer like... a report of a print job or your octoprint.log perhaps. Now with a need, you could start looking at what that might look like. From what program would you print? Most of the print-related activities are in the GUI side of Raspbian (PIXEL/Desktop/X windows). Unless you install that, you're confined to the command line.

So, start from the end. Do you want to be printing from the lp command? If not, then consider that all this may not be worth the effort.

Another route is to install the PIXEL Desktop using the ~/scripts install script, toggle on VNC from sudo raspi-config (which automatically installs cups), configure the printer using the web interface and then print from the Desktop software instead. The downside is the all this extra software will consume processing power from your Raspi and may ultimately affect print quality during a print job.


Erm... you can use a CUPS server as a network printer from various OS perfectly fine you know :wink: It's a print server.


@foosel ok i just didn't know because on here!msg/octoprint/6-QSpQo1V4o/b29OLkYCAQAJ people had some issues installing cups


@fieldOfView i would except i can't any tutorials on running cups on octoprint


You can't install cups on octoprint
octoprint != octopi
octopi is raspbian


To elaborate on what @danielkrah said, you can't run cups on OctoPrint. OctoPrint is a server application. OctoPi is a linux distribution based on Raspbian, which includes a preinstalled and mostly preconfigured OctoPrint. To install CUPS on top of OctoPi, you can follow any Raspbian CUPS tutorial.

Because Raspbian is just Debian with tweaks and additions for Raspberry Pi computers, if you can't find a CUPS tutorial for Raspbian, you can probably also follow CUPS installation and configuration instructions for Debian.


thanks man i just realized your one of the creators of octoprint thanks for the help :grinning:


i got it working YAY!!!!


Not "one of", THE creator of OctoPrint :wink:


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sorry i didn't get a good look at your profile image but i just realized


ok my bad i could have sworn that i saw her name on the top of the github for octoprint i guess i was mistaken


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