Saftey shutdown, pull the plug out of the socket

i use octoprint on my orange pi.

How did you solve the problem, with the shutdwon process?

normally i turn of my printer and pull out the plug of the wall socket.
Now my orange pi is on the same power line.
So it would be shutdown with a hard shutdown....
can i shutdown it from the octoprint server?
or is there any other solution?

I don't want to connect always via ssh to the orange pi to shutdown it.

thank you

Usually you do it via the navbar icon:


don't have it....

Go in to settings>> server section and add the shutdown command.

Since you installed using a non standard script, you will have to include the proper command line for it there. Once you ad the command, it will show up in the menu as @Ewald_Ikemann shows.

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okay. i tried it, but it not work..... i think the problem is the permissons.
to restart the system i need to use sudo. octoprint don't have sudo permissons and i don't want it
any ideas?
thank you

You will have to provide the password for the user account that is running the instance. In many cases it is the pi user but in one of my test installs, I have it as another user just to do testing on things like this.

I have this in my shutdown command:
echo password-here | sudo -S reboot now

Normally this is what I would expect a standard install to have placed in there for you:
sudo reboot

okay, i found this solution, but i don't want insert my password in this place and save it locally...

There are only so many options. If your system is not secure to the point you can trust it to be used, I would suspect that you have bigger issues to solve before working out if you can shut it down without using SSH.

Why not just power your orange Pi separately, rather than on the same line? That would at least get you buy until you figure out a longer term solution