SBC Support list

There are a lot of cheaper alternative options for SBC than the Raspberry Pi lineup.

I was thinking of trying something from Banana Pi or Orange Pi.
In particular a Banana Pi m2 Zero
Orange Pi One Plus
Orange Pi Zero Plus
Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 + exp board
(any of the Orange Pi H5 boards really)

Is there a support list of SBC or known working SBC used with Octoprint?

I have been working on an armbian based octoprint install for the orange pi boards. You can get it here;:

I have it running on orangepi zero and orange pi zero +2 (h5)

I use it under armbian on a pcduino 3b. OctoPrint runs on just about anything you care to install it on, or were you specifically after a pre-built image containing everything you need all ready to go (like octopi)?