Screen goes grey when I click anything in OctoPrint

Im trying to set up Octoprint& Klipper on my ender 5. I followed the EB3D Printing youtube video. Klipper and OctoPi is flashed, Octoprint is running, Made all the changes to the config files.
OP reports "Klipper State: Ready"

If I click on anything except "Restart Host" or "Restart Firmware" the new window pops up, but the entire screen gets dim and stops responding.
For example if I click "Open Klipper Config", I get this.

I can scroll my mouse wheel and the Octoprint screen scrolls behind the pop up box, but I cant click anything. The pop up config box stays locked and doesn't scroll. I can see the text of the config file.
It does this with everything I click.
I cant open the log file, I cant really do anything.
I tried a different browser with the same results.
The only thing I can do is reload the UI.
Im stumped, Any suggestions?

Try it in an incognito tab or with a different browser.

If that doesn't work start octoprint in safe mode (if you can't click on it anymore try http://octopi.local/recovery).

Thanks for the suggestion but I already tried all that.
Cant access safe mode, screen goes grey & I cant click

The recovery page loads and I can click all the options...when I try to open safe mode it disconnects from server and reconnects (as it should), but then nothing. it doesnt open a new octoprint session from the recovery page. Rebooting does the same.
I dont have any working backups to recover from because this is my first attempt at Octoprint/klipper

What browsers have you tried?

Brave & firefox

Ok, I have a new but likely related problem:

I cant connect to my RPi via WinSCP or Putty, all I get is repeated network timeout.
Is this a wifi problem? I was able to connect instantly last night, which is how I was editing the config files

EDIT: Nevermind, I discovered that the IP address changed since last night, now I can connect via WinSCP & puttty

I'm running firefox with no trouble.

Have you already cleared the browser cache?

It doesn't go back to the regular UI automatically - did you try closing the recovery page (once started in safe mode) and opening the regular UI?