SD card image problem

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I used an earlier version of Octo Print a while ago (Ver 13) and have now decided to upgrade to latest version. 0.17.0.
After downloading and extracting the image (letting Windows 10 extract the files). I try to burn the image using the latest version of Etcher. The image copies but Etcher says that while validating the image that there was 1 device failure. (I have tried multiple re-downloads and multiple SD cards).
I went ahead and revised the file for internet connection and country as instructed (Using Notepad++). I loaded the image into the Pi and accessed from my computer. Web connection works and Web cam works but cannot get printer to start printing or getting bed to begin heating. Not sure if the problem is from the image burn error or something else. My printer is an older generic Prusa type printer. I know I got Octoprint to work years ago. Any suggestions?

You may try Win32 Disk Imager instead of Etcher. Some versions of Etcher are known to be a bit picky...

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Or, go for the Raspberry Pi Imager, straight from the raspberry pi foundation. It worked well for me, just scroll to the bottom of the list for something like 'custom image'.

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don't extract the files. Etcher does that internally. Windows may be corrupting something