SD Init Fail messages when no SD card in printer slot

What is the problem?

My Ender3 V2 gives me "SD Init Fail" messages when I do not have an SD card in the printers reader slot when opening octoprint; this started after about 3-4 prints using octoprint.

What did you already try to solve it?

Put an SD card in the printers reader slot

Have you tried running in safe mode?


Did running in safe mode solve the problem?


Additional information

I read this post (SD Init Fail - No SD inserted) and the solution was to disable SD support.

Being absolutely brand new to octoprint I am looking for a simple explanation as to what SD Support actually does as I am very risk averse to just turning things off without knowing what is happening..

I have an Ender3 V3SE that I have just connected to octoprint but it does not have an SD card in it and I am not getting the error message so far.

Do I absolutely need an SD card in my printer's slots for octoprint to run, I am trying for uniformity for my printers (using same slicer etc)

I am using octoprint over an Ethernet cable to my 2 pi (no wifi enabled) to eliminate writing to SD cards every time I want to print something.

You can technically download files from your PC to the printer SD card instead of storing it on the raspberry PI storage or you can have files on the SD that you can initiate the print from Octoprint, however both of these options and really slow and impractical in my opinion. Theer should be no issues turning SD support off, it will onky affect the way Octoprint engages with them, or not.

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