Second extruder for PVA



I was wondering if anyone could answer a short simple question?

In the following Github issue:

Gina wrote:

"[..] unless you've specified to use the second extruder for support material in your profile [..]"

My question, how do I specify this in my .ini Cura profile for Octoprint?



In the standalone Cura software itself, this feature is discussed on their forum. So for fun, I just told Cura that I have a second extruder in the Settings -> Printer -> Manager Printer area. Now in the print setup area and drilling into Support, I have Dual Extrusion as a new option that's available... which only gives me Enable Prime Tower and Enable Ooze Shield.

I have to actually click Generate Support to see more options. There appear to be several involved.


So, I've found the location on my computer where the Cura app stores settings which I make in that software: /Users/justincase/Library/Application Support/Cura/3.3/cura.cfg

In theory, one might be able to make the setting changes and then compare before/after versions of that file to see what variables Cura uses to store those. And then those same variable names are hopefully used in the Cura-as-a-plugin within OctoPrint.


The Cura within OctoPrint is version 15.04, To generate .ini profiles compatible with that version you need to install the full version of Cura 15.04.06 on a supported OS from

Documentation for 15.04 can be found at

Now, you can define your printer (with 2 extruders) and generate .ini profiles for it.

Note that newer versions of Cura (versions 2 and 3 with the latest being 3.3.1) use a profile format that is incompatible with 15.04. If at all possible, you should consider abandoning slicing with OctoPrint and move to slicing on a desktop and uploading gcode to print via OctoPrint.


Here, here.

I really love the control that I have over slicing while inside the full Cura application itself. The Cura engine that's embedded into OctoPrint is just a small part of what's available.


Found it.

;support_dual_extrusion = First extruder
;support_dual_extrusion = Second extruder
support_dual_extrusion = Both