See Raspberry pi 4 temp in Octoprint

I have tried a few plugins to show the temperature in octoprint but none are working, is there a plugin that works with the raspberry pi 4?


The Dashboard plugin might does what you want :slight_smile:

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Also Navbar Temp should do this.

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Navbar temp works fine. And any plugin should as the commands to get the pi4 temp aren't different from the pi3B/3B+

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Thanks all, I think I just needed to restart and/or disconnect and reconnect to octoprint for it to show up, it is working now.

for some reason if Octoprint isn't connected to the printer, the Pi temp isn't shown...
since the Pi is up and running, the temp for it should be shown all the time

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I wonder if it's related to this...

Doesn't seem to be. I'm logged into octoprint fine, If I turn off the printer itself or do a disconnect from the printer, the RPi temp disappears at the same time the temps from the printer disappear. As soon as I reconnect to the printer, the RPi temp comes back...