Sending Signal from Octoprint to GPIO Pin After Running Each G-code Line

I am finding it difficult to send signal from my Octoprint software to my Raspberry Pi after each g-code line has been executed.

I'm running out of clue about how to sought this out. I was wondering if I can get some help here.
I really do appreciate if you can provide me some insight how to get my Octoprint to send signal to my Raspberry Pi GPIO pin after executing each g-code line.

Hello @Anene_Chikwado !

That would be quite a lot of data.

What are you trying to attempt?

I am trying to control a potentiostat that will operate immediately after each line of g-code has been executed.

I assume what you want achieve has nothing to do with 3D- printing.

How have you tried to do this so far? Is there a specific plugIn you are using? Or are you developing your own.

I would think it could be done simply by using the gcode hook but you would want to make sure you did not slow down the processing of your commands. Maybe spin off the send to IO into a thread queue so that you can allow the gcode events to bubble though with as little processing time as possible taken up by your IO activity.


Thanks for sharing. Let me try it