Serial connection to Ender 3 V2

I have a problem with octoprint communication with Ender3 v2 printer i tired to communicate with serial i never succeded .. im new in these
how can i now my board tosted "4.2.2" as happened to u .. how can in simple way connect my Raspi 4 with the board

The simplest way is to buy a new board.

I moved your question into a new post since it wasn't related to the guide (no RAMPS board).

That doesn't really help...

What did you try so far?

Afaik all serial ports are already in use but if you want to check it yourself - here is the schematic of the board + the datasheet of the mcu

I guess the easiest way would be to hijack the rx/tx lines to the CH340.
Either on the pins of the chip itself or on test points.

For example like this:


source1 source2 source3

:warning: do not use the usb port after you hijacked those lines!

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