Serial has to be reset every print

I have two printers, both running SKR Turbos.
Every since the last Octoprint update I have to reset the serial connection in-between prints. I just hit disconnect, then reconnect.
If I don't the printers come to temp, and home and level fine. But when printing starts they just move to max X and Y and extrude through the print, no carriage movement. I've printed lots of little poop emojis.
Any ideas at all?

Did you already enable Serial logging and study the log for hints? (click on the wrench for settings, scroll down on the right pane, check the checkbox. Let things run until the poop emoji has a few layers. Download Systeminfo bundle and upload it to your post.)

Sounds like it could be something setting the printer in relative movement mode rather than absolute. Definitely could do with the serial.log as mentioned, but you should also try running in safe mode to see if that solves the issue.