Server is not starting or very slow?

When I try to connect to my octroprint server, the browser sits and hangs while loading forever (it sees the server, but load speeds are terrible). Similarly, when I send gcode to the instance from prusaslicer the upload time for 3mb file takes over 3 minutes. My wifi signal strength says its -45db (seems very good). I can SSH into the rpi for a few minutes but I get randomly disconnected every few minutes. When I SSH in and try to change it to boot in safe mode i get the error "-bash: octoprint: command not found".

Why is my wifi strength so good but the server does not load on any of my devices? Why do octoprint commands not work?

I do not know how to retrieve logs from SSH; if they are needed can you post the best way to get them?

Thanks in advance.

Is that -45db seen at the RPi? Or are you getting that from your PC? (The PC can't see what signal strength the RPi is getting.) If the Pi is getting a -45dbm signal, there's a problem with it. Move it to your router (physically - sit it near the router and power it up there), SSH into it and see what happens. If it's still a bit flaky, maybe you need to redo the SD card. (Cloning it in the Pi [or in any other Linux computer - just use dd] will save all your Octoprint settings. [It's possible that files got scattered all over the card, though, so a file by file copy is the only way to fix it, unless you don't mind setting Octoprint up again from scratch.])

Logs is a link, if you click it there is an article for how to grab them from SSH, OctoPrint's UI etc.

You probably need to activate the Virtual Environment first - use ~/oprint/bin/activate first, then try again.

The link just says copy them with SSH which isn't very helpful at all. On my other raspberry pi running octorprint I don't have to activate the virtual environment first, why would this one be different?

The pi itself is getting -45dbm which is seems abnormally good. I started with a fresh install of octoprint two different sd cards (in case one was the problem) and still no luck. Interestingly I tried retropie and Raspbian and they both have no wifi connection issues on the same raspberry pi so I think it must be something with the octopi install itself.

I know I'm installing correctly because I just received a replacement rpi 3b+ and I tried the sd card on it and it worked great. Seems strange, maybe the old rpi has some power issues?