Servo to power off printer

Hello all! I'm a new octoprint user and I'm very excited about using it.

I can't code (except for an adruino) and I was wondering if there is an easy way to connect a servo to octoprint that would be placed over my on and off switch of my printer so that I can turn my printer on and off whenever I want.

IS there already a plugin like this? I have seen that some people use a 5V relay but I don't want to open my printer again..

I hope someone can help me!

kind regards
(using an Artillery Genius and raspberry Pi 3B)

Most of us use either relays or smartplugs, but sure that would be an alternative.
I haven't seen that anywhere yet - but this design on thingiverse comes pretty close to what you want to do.

Yess that does close, but you can’t turn the printer on this way. So I want to connect a servo using a 3D printed bracket on top of the on and off switch.

I’m eager to learn how to set this up coding wise, but I will need a lot of help since I never used python before. It shouldn’t be that hard, I just need a button in octoprint to turn the servo a certain amount up or down.

That sounds that you have connected the Pi to the printers PSU, yes?

No, I just want to place a servo motor over the power button of my printer so that it physically switches the printer on and off.

While it may work, I feel like a simpler solution may be something like a smart plug - there's already lots of options in the plugin repository.

For a servo, you would definitely have to make your own plugin. I would recommend making a PSU control subplugin to get you up and running as quickly as possible, which would allow you to just write the turn on/turn off code & have PSU control handle all the smart stuff.