Set home to centre of bed

Hi all,
Please can someone help me I am new to the world of 3d printing and octoprint, and I have a cr10s with bltouch and what I would like to now is how to set octoprint home to go to the centre of the bed the same as the printer.

Please, if someone could help. thanks

I'm not sure what you mean.
Do you mean you want the print to start in the center of the bed?
That's something you have to set up in your slicer.

Do you want to home your axis?
Enter G28 XYZ into the terminal

When I press the home button in octoprint I want it to go to the centre of the bed and not the left corner.

I think you can change that in your Printer profile.


Homing is putting the head at a precisely known position, normally done by moving the head so each axis touches an endstop. The center of the bed normally does not have an endstop.

Homing is necessary, because the motors that move the head around don't know at what positiion they are and the position can not be "meassured". The printer controller can only deduce the current position from the known "homed" position and all the movements added up. If you turn off the printer, then move the head around manually and turn the printer on again, the printer has no way of knowing the position of the head until it is homed again.


Where does your bltouch probe? Also in the left corner?

When I use the printer controls on screen I press home and it goes to the centre of the bed. But if I tell it to home with octoprint it goes to the left corner.

Btw: What Home Button do you mean? The X/Y or the Z?

When you use the X/Y home, the printer does nothing more than X/Y homing. And that is in one corner for a cartesian printer.
When you use Z home, the printer does nothing more than Z homing. That can be on a corner or in the middle, depending of the firmware settings of your printer.
When you use the home button on your printer, it does X/Y/Z homing:

You can use Editor Collection to create your own X/Y/Z home button.

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