Set up your printer profile "Default Extrusion Length"

I do not know what is meant by "Default extrusion length" in the setup wizard for OctoPrint. This is on the "Default Printer Profile" tab just before finishing the process. I tried searching for it on the internet and can't seem to find any matches on "extrusion length" let alone "default extrusion length". Anyone know what this means and where I can find this information from my Ender 3? The current default option is 5mm.

Hello @AnswerBook !

It's written below the values you enter on that tab:

This information is used for the graph and controls available in the "Temperature" tab, the GCODE viewer, when slicing from within OctoPrint and for deciding which toolchange commands are safe to send to the printer.

For the Ender 3 has only one extruder, there is no need for a tool change and you can leave the value as it is.

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