Setting clock in side of the rasberry pi4

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can i set the time in the pi

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i have pi 4 model b

Hello @Steven_Poole!

It's like this:

But when the Pi is connected to the internet, it gets the time from there.

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You should see the following if your RPi is getting time from the network (internet):

pi@octopi:~ $ ps -ef | grep time
systemd+   331     1  0 Aug01 ?        00:00:09 /lib/systemd/systemd-timesyncd

i thought time might be off because the eta on my prints have been so far off time wise , can you use those commands in octoprint or some sort of dos window , thanks for the help.

The ETA for prints relies on two values, the current time (which is accurate) and the time needed to print the file (which is often wildly inaccurate). Adding wildly inaccurate print time to accurate current time yields wildly inaccurate ETA.

Some time estimates are better than others. The OctoPrint plugin, PrintTimeGenius, usually is better than either the stock OctoPrint estimate or your slicer's estimate.

koko what im looking at its 6:45pm here print has maybe 20min left and ETA is 5hrs i have PrintTimeGenius

You may also fix your local time zone as decribed here:

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Connect via SSH. Login. Copy/paste the following sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
Follow on screen wizard.

That's for changing the timezone - not the time itself