Setting OctoPrint up first time, country issue please

Hi there this is my first post.

I have a Creality Ender 3 Pro which works perfectly and have used it for a year with great results.

My wife gave me a Pi for Christmas and I am about to finally get round to setting it up.

The Pi is the model 3B+ with 1gb of Ram, case is printed and ready to roll, flashed the 32 gb ultra sandisk with the instructions on the first page of Octoprint.

I have never used a pi before so I am not sure about things.

I have followed the instructions and edited the wifi file to add my router and password etc using Atom as I am on a Mac.

I have 2 questions please.

The first thing I am not sure about is the country and why it is necessary to change this.

I am English and I live in Spain , although I speak and read Spanish I prefer to work in my native language , English. What I am not sure about is if I need to change the country to Spain in that wifi text file.

If I do can someone please explain why that is necessary and what it does as I can't seem to find an explanation for changing that piece of code, not understanding Pi doesn't help at all....

If I don't need to change it please could someone let me know and I can leave it set to UK, my native country.

The second question is I have printed a decent case that fits to the rail along side the LCD display on the Ender 3 Pro so its under the heated bed and about 4cms below it.

I have used a case I have found on line that slides in to the 2020 extrusion and I have modified it a bit to allow a lot more air holes. My Pi does not have a fan and I am not sure whether I need to get one for it.

I intend to use the Pi to control the printer from another part of the house and use Octolapse to record my more interesting prints.

Does the community think the addition of a fan is necessary? I will only be using the Pi for that printer.

Many thanks for your help.


The country code in the wifi setting is to make sure that the wifi channels used are in compliance with that countries rules. For Spain, the country code is ES. Your wpa_supllicant.conf file should contain something like this:



Where WIFI_NAME is your wifi access point (router) name and password is whatever is set there.
I've been using my Pi on an Ender 5 for 12 months and no heat issues as yet so I don't believe you need a fan.


Thank you very much, have done this and its all working fine, connected and sees the printer tx

now to try add a logitech webcam C290!!

thank you all sorted now.