Setting system clock

How do I set the system clock with OctoPrint running on a Rasperry Pi 3 B+.

I don’t have any other Rasperry Pi experience, so not sure how to do this. I would like the ETA to show the correct time.

Not really an OctoPrint question, but more of a general raspbian question. This came up at the top of a google search...

How do I get to raspian on this thing?

The only UI I have been using on this thing is OctoPrint accessed over the network.

I know these are probably dumb questions, but what am I missing?

Again... wrong place for these questions, but there are a couple of ways. Use a program like putty to SSH into your pi over the network or connect a keyboard and monitor/tv and login that way. Google is your friend...

You are missing that OctoPi, so the image you probably flashed for your Raspberry, is a Raspbian based linux distribution that includes OctoPrint, the print server whose frontend you are using.

See also

This issue on the OctoPi repository also might be pertinent.

But I could guess that the poster is saying, "The ETA suggests that it will take much longer to print this than I know is required..." in other words, the Analysis is wrong.

If your Pi can reach the internet, you have a choice, from the SSH cli on your Octopi, by installing ntp. - network time protocol, then you can configure your Pi to go fetch the time off a reliable internet time source. There's another time client called chrony that is easier to set up, sudo apt install chrony. Then edit /etc/chrony/chrony.conf to point to an internet time source.

If you have internet access, there's no need to install NTP unless you want to serve time out to other machines. Raspbian (OctoPi) comes with systemd-timesyncd installed. This is a client-only sync using NTP servers.

ps -ef | grep -i time

will show you if it is running on your system. The linked page has additional commands to verify correct operation.

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I was pointing out that there was a time when the OctoPi IMG didn't have the NTP servers configured.