Setting up Octoprint Plugin environment

What is the problem?

Currently I have an issue trying to setup my Octoprint plugin's environment. I ran and have read through the Octoprint plugin tutorial in Octoprint's master documentation however it seems to be somewhat outdated and it sometimes I get the feeling that a lot of things are left out.

I have, however, figured out a lot by going into other plugin repos and simply digging in. One thing I haven't seen is how I should be setting up my environment so that I'm getting all of the proper intellisense (might not be the right word for it). I was struggling getting the utils for Octoprint to be recognized by Python (everything still works when used though) until I moved the folder from the main repo OctopPrint/src/octoprint into my own directory and voila! I get intellisense for all of the octoprint.whatever imports.

Now I'm trying to get the intellisense for pip packages that I've installed, like python-socketio. I have the package running perfectly but would like the warning Import "socketio" could not be resolved to go away and to get some assumptive typing to come through.

My current directory for everything looks like this:

  OctoPrint // The OctoPrint Repo
    octoprint // this is copied from /OctoPrint/src/octoprint
    venv // I copied this from OctoPrint as an attempt to get intellisense (it has python-socketio in it)
    // a bunch of other stuff I'm deeming not important

My work flow goes something like:

  • open a terminal in root
  • go to OctoPrint (the main repo)
  • run . venv/scripts/active (it isn't bin on mine)
  • run octoprint serve
  • open another terminal in root
  • with the new terminal go to OctoPrint (the main repo)
  • active venv again
  • then I cd into my plugin
  • then I run octoprint dev plugin:install as needed

OctoPrint version: 1.6.1, my pc's OS: Windows 10, Python version: 3.7.10, Code editor: VS Code

I think this is accomplished by setting your interpreter, but not 100% sure. You want to point it at your OctoPrint's venv.


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Thank you! I didn't expect this to be more of a python / it's just my environment problem. But I really do appreciate the help and it worked btw!

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