Setting up path to CuraEngine on Windows


What is the problem?
I do not know how to setup the path to CuraEngine and would like to use the plugin. I'm running my server on Windows so it doesn't fill in the path automatically.
What did you already try to solve it?
I tried to use this link, but it only has instructions for Raspberry Pi's.
Additional information about your setup
As I have already stated above, I am running the server on Windows.


Honestly, dude... I think most of us slice in the dedicated version of Cura these days—what's that? version 4?—which includes all sorts of cool things like relative extrusion which all the cool kids are doing these days.


I've been failing pretty successfully at programming, so, this really doesn't make any sense to me, but, on my windows machine (win7, don't get me started) the path to Cura doesn't seem exactly straight forward.

It looks like it starts a python environment, then calls the cura engine from inside python. The best I can do is give you what I see in the "properties" from the cura icon...

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Cura_15.04\python\pythonw.exe" -m "Cura.cura"

I can also show you what's in my own octoprint...

Okay, now this is interesting... This looks like it's being called in a linux environment...


I think this ^^^ is probably what you want

Paste that in and hit the "test" button and see if it works


Cura != CuraEngine

Cura is a frontend application that lets the user load and arrange models, change slicing parameters, etc (written in Python). CuraEngine is the backend that does the actual slicing (written in c++).

You seem to be supplying the path to Cura, but you need the parh to CuraEngine.