Setting up Wi-Fi problem

Please can someone help me with my little problem. I have got a raspberry pi 3 b+. I have tried to get the Wi-Fi to work but every tutorial I see I have tried it and I cannot get it to work. I was wondering if someone could help me on this would be much appreciated.

How far from the printer is your router? Any chance of using an Ethernet cable? When I set up my Raspi 3B+ I attached a long Ethernet cable and made the necessary changes to the wpa_supplicant.conf file with my SSID and password. The Pi connected to the network OK but, it seems, only using the Ethernet cable. If I unplug it then no network connection. I've seen it said that sometimes Pi objects to the channel that is being used for your wireless. Mine is using channel 13 which, it seems, is one of the problematic ones. Do you feel comfortable re-configuring your wireless router to check/change the WiFi channel?

You might want to mention with what image, what OS, and what application you used to create the micro SD card used to boot the Pi3B+ the first time. Be specific and include version numbers where appropriate. Also mention what you are using as a power supply for the Raspberry Pi. Telling us which specific tutorials didn't work might also shorten the process.

Having access to your router's web page is going to be useful. Access to an SSH client (PuTTY on Windows) is going to be useful.

@Norman's suggestions are a good place to start.



Thank you for replying to my post. They are in the same room. Probably 2m apart. Yes I can try reconfiguring the WiFi router. There's no problem over a LAN cable it works perfectly fine. I have made changes to the file you stayed in your message. And it still does not work.



The Os I am using is octopi-stretch-lite-0.15.0 and the programme I am using is called etcher. The pi came on it's own and i got a power supply for the pi. A number of different tutorials on YouTube I have watched. And none of them work. I have putty on my laptop. Yes I can get access to my router's configuration web page.
Thank you for all the help.

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Please can someone help me with my little problem. I have got a raspberry

pi 3 b+. I have tried to get the Wi-Fi to work but every tutorial I see I
have tried it and I cannot get it to work.

What doesn't work? Does the Pi nor see the WiFi hardware? Does it see the
hardware but not the network? Does it see the network but fail

That last problem drove me slightly potty with a (non-Pi) Debian
installation. This was the rather non-obvious solution posted by
"skunkworks" here:

@Spiritgirl Thanks for that information. First thing I'd suggest is that you download OctoPi 15.1 from Download link and MD5 checksum at the bottom of the page.

After using Etcher to flash this image onto your micro SD card, remove and insert the SD card and you should get a message to format which you should cancel, and there should be second mounted volume.

Follow the instructions in Note that you need to use the 0.15 section, not the 0.14 section. A good editor to use on Windows is Notepad++.

After properly removing the SD card from your laptop, and inserting it into the Raspberry Pi (as detailed in the above document), open the web interface on your router and look at the DHCP page. You should see an IP address assigned to OctoPi. If not, follow the troubleshooting section of the above document.

If things still don't work, temporarily try an Ethernet cable. Finally, report back here with your progress.


To all the people that helped me and the help was very much appreciated. I now have got the wi-Fi to work now.

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So are you going to clue us in on what the problem was?

For the general good, and for those who get here via a google search, can
you report what the problem was and what the fix was?

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