Setup for Timelapse profiles

I have been playing with the timelapse settings in Octoprint and have it set to Z-Change but it's still a little jerky looking on the video.

I was told that I have to let Octoprint slice my file(not load a gcode file that Cura made for me) for it to be able to use the z-change option but when I uploaded an STL file, it asked me for some settings via dropdown menus which all had choices for except for slicing profile which is empty(no choice). So I guess my question is where do I tell Octoprint where my slicing profile is?

My printer is a CR-10 Mini, using Cura 3.5.1, Octoprint 1.3.8 Octopi 0.14.0

Here's a screenshot of what I get when uploading an .stl file via wi-fi, no sd card.

Well, yes. That's how it works. Your slicer is ignorant of the fact that you're trying to do a timelapse video by layer and it optimizes its work for least number of movements. The Octolapse plugin is supposed to do a better job by physically homing the hotend for each photo (adding time to the print job of course).

I'm not sure who gave you the advice to let OctoPrint slice with the embedded Cura (which is many versions back). In theory, you'd get that slicing profile by exporting it from an old version of Cura for your printer. Whoever was trying to help you should have spelled this out.

Try OctoLapse and see if it is easier.