Setup wizard freezing

Been using Octiprint for two years and the original printer board blew so replaced it and decided to do a free install of octiprint as phython was outdated, all went well untill i loaded some add on like RGB status ,which i was using but now its frozen trying to " Add the pi user to the gpio group

The following command will add the pi user to the gpio group for you by running
sudo adduser pi gpio" but nothing is happening.

I cannot do anything at the moment.

The plugin is broken, multiple issues to the author have not received a response.

Head to http://<your-ip>/recovery, restart the server in safe mode and remove the plugin.

Then you can install my plugin, WS282x LED Status and have something that works. Of course it does a lot more than working, but it's a good place to start :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Thanks ,much appreciated