Should I update?

I am running my Lulzbot Mini ver 1 very happily. At the bottom of the page it says Octoprint 1.3.12 running on OctoPi 0.16.0 on a Raspberry PI 3+.
I am wondering if there is any benefit to my to the latest version? I did try adding some plugins a while back and managed to mess everything up. Luckily I still had this version saved and was able to reinstall.
I am not able to tell which addons will work with my Mini so most likely downloaded the wrong stuff.
Please advise,
Thanks in Advance,

1.3.12 is the latest stable version - 1.4.0rc3 is a testing release candidate.
One of the main updates in 1.4.0 is Python 3 support. That's nothing you need right now but Python 2 will be EOL soon

Python 2 doesn't stop working then - it just won't get any updates anymore.
Other updates, improvements and fixes can be found here

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