Shutdown menu for users (as compared with admins)

I'm wanting to enable a user to shut down the Pi Octoprint is running on (the printer and Pi are both powered from the same PSU) when they're finished. Is there something as simple as a check box I haven't found, config key I can change, a permissions change, or am I into changing code territory?

It's for a group printer at a hackspace and I would prefer to not have just anyone changing settings (or having an admin logging in just to shut down). I have got a shut down button (with blue ring act LED) attached to the GPIO, which is a start, but I'd like a Web UI solution also.

Poked through the UI settings as well as config.yaml, users.yaml, docs, this community, tweeted and googled!

Other useful info....

  • Pi 4 (2GB varient),
  • Unknown Octoprint version, but installed very recently (the printer is not here and I cannot VPN into it, sorry),
  • Marlin 2.0.0 Bugfix (will be changed soon, hopefully),
  • Google Chrome / Firefox,
  • Windows 10 / Debian LXDE 10.

Thanks for the help.

Well, that got solved by the next stable update... #FAIL!