Shutdown printer turning printer off too soon

Hello, I have a wemo plug and use the auto shutdown plugin to trigger it.
In the settings i have mode GCODE and it sends the code @WEMOOFF and then the ip of the plug.

However I've found that sometimes (4 times so far) that it shutsdown early, leaving the nozzle somewhere on the top of the print. This melts a mark into where it stopped and also means the rest of the layer isn't printed.

I see the abort timeout is on 35 seconds, maybe putting this to 120 would help?
also I'm not sure what the "Remember the value of "Shutdown Printer after print finishes" tickbox does
everything else in the settings is blank.

Not sure why? I tried to find a place to post this on github but it doesn't have an issues section.

Maybe something like

M109 R35 

before the @WEMOOFF command could help