Side code running on octopi?

Hi! im trying to pull off a multi-printer set up from a rpi(running multiple instances like our friend Chris show us OctoPi 0.18 - Multi Printers & Cameras On 1 Pi - Chris's Basement - YouTube), but instead of the queue plugin i would want to make something like a central queue manager that assign tasks to the next free printer. for this i would like to do a couple of things. First that the gcode could be printed from an external source(i find uploading to the sd card way too slow), i was thinking on google drive, something like upload gcode to google drive then or downloading to the rpi or direct print from drive, the later seems way too complex but the former maybe not, so i would like to run that "central queue" script, downloading the corresponding gcode and sending it to the assigned printer on the rpi at the same time that octopi is running. Is this possible? im no expert but i have pull off a couple of projects like this,not on linux tho :(, any suggestions on how/where to start? thanks!

I just released a google drive files plugin yesterday that will sync a google drive folder to your uploads in OctoPrint.

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