Single sign-on? *SOLVED*



I have a 3.5" screen mounted on my printer with TouchUI for Octoprint, see

It's been working just fine, but with the latest update of Octoprint the screen displays the "Please login"-screen. It's a pain to plugin a keyboard everytime i start the printer.

Is there any support for Single sign-on or a workaround for not displaying the loginscreen?


This is how it looks after the latest update.


Solved it!

On - New release: 1.3.10 i found:

OctoPrint will now try to protect/educate more prominently against the dangers of opening up OctoPrint on the public internet via various new explicit warnings in the UI as well as a new notification that pops up if you log in from an external IP address. Thanks to the new bundled ForcedLogin Plugin OctoPrint will also no longer be accessible in a read-only way by anonymous guests - to get back the old behaviour, disable the plugin.

I disabled the plugin and now it's back to a working state with the screen.