Slicer not working after Update (CuraEngine Legacy)

Got this problem after updating Octoprint.
Can anyone help me?

Picture Screenshot

Hello @Jonas98 !

Updating OctoPrint from what to what?

You can help us by giving us more information.

I got an very old version with python 2. I created an backup, set up an new octoprint and restored the backup. Like the octoprint website sad I should do. The other things work. Just slicer is not working anymore.

The CuraEngine Legacy was removed from the OctoPi / OctoPrint distribution quite some time ago.

While it is possible to get it back, it is NOT a recommended solution as much better slicers are available. Most of them don't run on the Raspberry Pi because they have a GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Search this forum for "CuraEngine Legacy" for the numerous other discussions on this subject.