Slicer Settings Missing

When I want to print via Octoprint ? get the message that certain slice settings are missing

Some slicer settings were missing from your gcode file.
Missing Settings: Retraction Length,Retraction Speed,Deretraction Speed,Z Lift Height,X/Y Travel Speed,Z Travel Speed

My Slicer (Cura, 4.6.1, win10)
But I can't seem to find all these settings in Cura

Annex the G-code I want to print
CE5_Leon (2).gcode (3.1 MB)

Hello @megaveejay!
Do you have plugins installed? You may check in safemode.

Yes, that seems to accept the g-code and starts the printer.

How to activate pulg in by plug to find the once causing the problem. (Sorry i'm new in 3D, just got my Ender5 Pro for 2 weeks now.


You go to OctoPrint Settings -> Plugin Manager. There you can deactivate plugins.

Octolapse seems to be the one creating this message.

What are the basic setting for that - using Ender5 pro


Understand the error better now while looking more in depth to the Octolapse settings.
Getting closer to solve it.

Now I got it working with Octolapse plugin Active.

Thanks for setting me on the right path to investigate how to solve.

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I have this same issue, Z Speed missing... unable to print.
disabled plugins and...working, now to find out what plugin....


This error comes from the Octolapse plug-in
look at the documentation of that plug-in it mentioned what settings to do when using Cura.

After I did the proper set-up it worked fine.

Thanks, doing so much changes to my setup, didnt get to it yet, great to hear about the solution, i will look it up.

Can you point me in the right direction? cant seem to find it.... sorry, and thanks!

And found it... printer profile, a missing field, need to set it in OctoLapse itself.