SmartPreheat not preheating both

It needs to be added to the gcode scripts within OctoPrint, not just in your gcode, as outlined in the screenshots in the plugin's homepage

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Sorry, I read it before and now and I still have no idea what is that about. From Cura I get *.gcode file. I can add there a line. If I have to use gcode generator build into Octoprint then I will not use it.

after a while
you mean OctoPrint Settings > GCode Scripts > Before print job starts and put "{% snippet 'doSmartPreheat' %}" into the window? So why it is not written so?

It is:


Looks like you missed the comment right above your first one too:

Well, "before print job starts" I have also in Cura, so not everything is obvious :wink:

On the other hand, not everyone runs Cura...