Snapmaker 2.0 A350

Hi everybody,

i'm new to octopi and I noticed somethings not sure if these can be solved by some settings of need some adjustments in the application:

  • when I send a job via octopi there is no progress on the screen of the Snapmaker 2.0
  • when I have send the job via the octopi, it is not aware / monitoring if the filament is run out and just keep on printing without filament. (maybe related to the previous item)

I'm using the latest stable octoprint 1.5.2. and im using the Snapmaker 2.0 A350

kind regards

These are firmware problems - most vendors do not ship with the optional features enabled to get this to work.

For the point about progress, there is such thing as an M73 command (I believe created by Prusa, may be wrong there) and then you can use one of the M73 plugins available to set the progress on the LCD.

For the point about the filament sensor, the firmware must support 'Host command prompts' in order for it to tell OctoPrint that it has run out of OctoPrint.

You can enable these features if you can flash an update to your printer's firmware.

Filament runout not being reported to OctoPrint is a long running thread on the Snapmaker forum.. There are moves to get hardware support for it.

I think the console only reports progress on prints started form the console, its another hardware limitation.
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