Snapshot failed (Odriod C2 - Diet Pi)

I have installed OctoPrint on a Odriod C2 running DietPi using DietPi software installer. Running version 1.6.1 RC.
I have manually built mjpg-streamer and added it as a service.
Due to Octoprint takeing up port 5001 i have configured mjpg-streamer to run on 5002 to avoid address already in use error
Host name has been configured to 'octopi'.
http://octopi.local:5002/?action=stream and http://octopi.local:5002/?action=snapshot both work in browser, however 'snapshot' does not work when testing URL on octoprint or while printing. 'stream' works on desktop browser from octoprint UI but not from a mobile browser (tested chrome for andriod)

Error i get while printing.
Snapshot URL:

HTTPConnectionPool(host='octopi.local', port=5002): Max retries exceeded with url: /?action=snapshot (Caused by NewConnectionError(': Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno -2] Name or service not known'))

For snapshot, try localhost or instead of octopi.local. Seems it's having issues resolving the hostname.