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OK, I am new to 3D printing and OctoPrint as well. We bought a Tronxy X5S-400, built it and very shortly realized we wanted remote networking. Obviously found OctoPi.
Long story short, we downloaded the image file and burned it to the SD card. Made the required file changes to get it working. Booted up a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and logged in using Putty to make the required login changes etc. All worked well. Then we connected using Firefox (62.02) and again made the necessary login changes and printer profile info. While there, because we knew the baud rate was required to be 115200, we set it to that. Left the Serial Port to "Auto" as we didn't know what it would be or how to find out as am not a linux guru:})
So for the past two days, have been trying to connect and it would proceed (logging showing communication) and get to a point and crash saying "timeout".
We tried changing all the various settings and suggested check boxes that we could find but no avail.
This afternoon, we found this site and did a search to see if anybody else had the same problem. Didn't find a match, but something I read triggered and idea.

So went back to "Connection" parameters and changed the baud rate back to "Auto" .
Clicked on "Connect" and watched and waited. It went through the detecting baud rate and shortly thereafter showed "Operational"!
Repeated changing back to 115200 and Auto several times, but each time we tried to tell it the correct baud rate, it timed out. Yes, the correct baud rate is 115200 and was selected from the drop down!
Printer firmware is Marlin 1.7
Octoprint is 1.39
OctoPi is 2018-04-18-octopi-stretch-lite-0.15.1
Remote is Win7 64 bit
Raspberry Pi 3B+
SD card 8GB

Bottom line is that it is hoped this may give and idea or help somebody else that is having problems connecting to their printer.


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Do you have a working, good prints profile for the x5s for octoprint with curaengine?


I use Cura 4.0 standalone and have never used the version in Octoprint. I started with the basic conditions found in the default profiles (after filling in the bed size etc in the Printer preferences. Since then, many changes have been made depending on the filament used, investigation in types and % of fill etc. Based on what I have seen each machine (beyond fixed mechanical features like bed size etc) may need tweaking depending on environmental changes brand and type of filament, and so on.
As a newb, I thought profiles were a fixed top secret thing, but soon realized it is simply the form factor of your machine and the other settings are subject to your own personal preferences.