SOLVED: File Control for Stored Files


Hello Everyone!

First post, but so excited to be a part of this group! I started off using Octoprint, switched to Repetier simply because I needed multi printer control, but switched back to Octoprint after about a week of nothing but headaches with Repetier.

Anyways, the one thing I can't seem to figure out is how to restrict access to the files housed in Octoprint. I don't want anyone but a logged in user to be able to see or download the files that are housed in Octoprint, but I can't seem to find any setting that allows this control. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks!


As I understand you like to have some more restrictive rules for not logged in users,
In this case not to be able to download gcode files...


Correct. I think that it would be great to restrict non-logged in users to only see certain things and do certain things. One of which, downloading the stored gcode and stl files.


Currently not possible (OctoPrint originally was not designed with an environment in mind that's so untrusted that file downloads would be a problem) but will be part of the new granular permission system implemented for 1.4.0. No, there's no release date for that yet.


Understandable, I'm in development so I get that you can't give a release date, but FANTASTIC that it is on the horizon! You are awesome!