[SOLVED] How to increase the height of the "Files" panel?

What is the problem?

Just would like the panel to be taller, to display more, I prefer to not scroll so much

What did you already try to solve it?

Tried finding an addon, but no luck so far. Was hoping I could add a line using Themify to do thus, but if this is possible, I can't figure out what to add there.

Complete Logs

Not really a problem so not posting logs, just looking for hints on how to do this.


Additional information about your setup

Latest Octoprint, MK3S, Using Octoprint Widescreen as I have a very wide monitor, and now just have the files panel by itself on the left and just want to make it longer to display more.

Thanks in advance!


You should check out this thread, I think the file list might be buried in their somewhere.

I think this is it, grabbed it from my PrusaSlicerThumbnails plugin readme.

Selector CSS_Rule Value
#files > div > div.gcode_files > div.scroll-wrapper min-height 800px !important

You're the man!! I was just coming back here to update the post to [SOLVED] as I finally stumbled across a post titled something like Pimp my UI and one user in there states he did it, but used 2 different lines. Those didn't work for me, but he gave me the idea to dig through the source and see if I could find something else that might work and I too found the scroll-wrapper division. I added that in, but only using:

.scroll-wrapper height 750px

That works as well. Probably not properly done, but it worked at least.

BTW, while I have you...just wanted to thank you for all the amazing addons you contribute. I use a great many of your addons and they really do make the whole Octoprint experience a tremendous amount more customizable and more fun to use. THANK YOU!


You're welcome. I have fun doing them and glad that there are people that find them useful.

Great. Could you please:

instead of marking the topic with [SOLVED]