Solved! Octoprint won't connect to my Prusa Mk3

I'm trying to connect my printer to octoprint but it never does. I've tried changing, the usb port that I plug it into, turning the printer on and off, and unplugging the raspberry pi and plugging the raspberry pi back in. When it doesn't connect, it tells me to look at the terminal tab and it always displays the same message:

Unexpected error while connecting to serial port: AUTO IspError: ''Timeout'' @ (hook default)

What does this mean and how can I fix it?

Is the raspberry option in the settings of your printer disabled?

enter menu -> settings -> RPi Port and set it to "OFF"

The raspberry option in my settings is on. What should it be set to?

On is ok. Can you connect your MK3 to a pc with pronterface?

Not if you connect via USB, then it needs to be off. On is for direct gpio connection.

Ooops - mixed it up...

Disable it :wink:

That worked! I just had to set the Serial Port manually. Thanks!