Sorry. I'm new to Pi

I've installed Octopi and have enabled the GUI. How do I get a web browser on octopi please?


Most installations of Octopi / OctoPrint are targeted at providing a low cost "server" for a 3D printer. There is a web server running so you can connect with a browser from another system. Most installations don't even need the GUI.

If you are using your Pi as a dual purpose system, i.e. sometimes controlling a 3D printer and sometimes surfing the web, then sudo apt-get install rpi-chromium-mods will install the browser that comes standard on full Raspbian installations. There are other options and Google is probably your best bet at finding them.

Here are instructions to get a web browser on OctoPi without installing a full blown desktop:
If you don't want the TouchUI plugin, then you can skip the part.