Spinning Printer Icon

I have the printer plug in and it works great on pc and iphone. I have an old iPad I would like to leave at the printer. Problem is on old iPad only, the printer icon is spinning and will not work.

We had problems with the safari browser before - also on old iPads.

I know it can be frustrating but we can't expect everything to work on years old browsers (especially Safari).
We need a bit more information than the icon is spinning.
A video would help but also some debug information from the browser while accessing the webinterface and a systeminfo bundle from octoprint are necessary.

I removed some addins and now the printer icon does not even show on the Octoprint task bar.
Not sure what to try next.


Try to start octoprint in safe mode
http://octopi.local/recovery / http://octopi/recovery / http://your-ip/recovery