Sporadic 2octoprint is currently not running"

Hi all,

So I had the ' The OctoPrint server is currently not running ' page when setting up OctoPrint after being away for a while (a few years!). I did a fresh install, made sure the username is pi and WiFi is correct in the files.

Suddenly it worked for a day, and now I'm logging back in today and it's doing the same.
I've waited 30 mins for it to come online but still no luck. The head scratcher is that my router hub is detecting it as being connected and online.

Here's my logs. Any help would be great thanks, as I don't quite understand the errors!

We Trasnfer of Logs

Corrupt file maybe.. Since you have done a full reinstall, I would suggest that maybe your SD card is the issue. Try a new install with a new SD Card.